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Minutes Maker

Comprehensive and integrated Minutes Maker Module

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Minutes Creation

Agenda.NET has integrated a comprehensive and easy-to-use Minutes Maker.

You have the ability to use the module at any time. Agenda information will be automatically added into the Minutes Maker. This will include the agendas, agenda items, attachments, meeting dates, attendees, and more.

You have the ability to record attendance and attendance time, discussions, votes, mover/seconder, motions, amended motions, and much more. You can display item information and attachments with simple mouse clicks on screens in your meeting room.

Voting results can be added via mouse clicks or by using our electronic voting devices.

Changes in the order of items and/or last minute items can be managed in the Minutes Maker and without affecting the original (and already published agenda), so you can track all changes easily.

You have the ability to integrate live and on-demand audio- and video-streaming by using our solution or other solutions (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo, other 3rd party solutions).

Attachments (e.g. from presentations) can be added, so they will be part of the meeting.

Meeting information, minutes, and other information can be automatically published into the Internet Information Portal.

You have the ability to create post-meeting electronic workflows and/or use the Item Tracker to track any items or necessary tasks.