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Workflow Management

Innovative and flexible pre- and post-meeting Workflow Management

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Innovative Workflow Management

Agenda.NET has integrated a flexible and intuitive pre-meeting and post-meeting Workflow Management.

Application administrators will have the ability to create numerous workflow templates within the application and without using external tools (e.g. Visio, SharePoint, etc.) or development. This save you money and give you the ability to make changes or create new templates at any time and within a few minutes.

Each workflow process can have an unlimited number of tasks, reviewer/approvers, deadlines, and personal notes. It is also be possible to assign multiple workflow processes to each item.

Reviewers and approvers automatically get an email notification, when it is their turn to review/approve an item. They can do this in Agenda.NET or in the Web Form for Workflow Management in any browser and mobile devices.

They can use Microsoft Word Track Change functionalities to highlight any changes and/or use the designated fields in the workflow to leave any notes.

They can approve, reject or re-route the item to additional reviewers or back to the originator or other users in the process.

Users have the ability to see the status of their items, where it is in the process flow, and all responses and actions as part of the workflow at any time.

Reviewers/Approvers with deadlines automatically get reminders via emails.

Agenda.NET is offering sequential, parallel and priority based workflows on default.

Users can also manage their designees with the out of office functionality within the application.

The integrated Workflow Management can also be used for meetings, agendas, meeting agenda items, and minutes.