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Professional Implementation Services

PROVOX is offering a wide range of Implementation Services for succesful projects. The PROVOX Team has the experience of more than two decades and over 950 projects of any size and structure.

Each project is unique as far as the requirements, structures and needs. For success it is important that the Project Team has the experience and flexibility to manage any project. It is also crucial to have the right solutions / applications available for the implementation.

Our goal is not only to finish projects on time; but to exceed the expectations and provide each customer with a unique and robust solution.

The implementation does not stop with the use of the application, it stops when then customer is happy with the result.

PROVOX will build an experienced project team for each project. The project team will include a Project Manager, Internal Project Manager, Supporter/Trainer, Developer, and Administrative Assistant.

The early integration of the Support and Development Team is important to answer any technical and application questions in a timely manner.

The Support Team is equally important for the installation and configuration of the software. The team gets to know new customers from the start of the project and will build a partnership that lasts for a long time.

They also know the configuration and any specifics for ongoing support.

The Project Manager will lead the project and will manage all communications between PROVOX and the customer.

Internal Project Managers will schedule trainings, project meetings, and track any open items.

PROVOX can offer a wide variety of trainings for every project and every need.

This will include onsite and hands-on trainings, train-the-trainer concepts, web based training, webinars, training applications and videos.

Each training is customized for the needs and structures of each individual customer. Trainings includes the customer's data, workflows, templates, and processes.

PROVOX can also create project and/or application specific training videos and applications.

Trainings will usually be provided in your offices, so you don't need to spent time and money to travel to one of our training facilities.

PROVOX has the experience with the replacement of existing solutions.

This will include data and document conversions. But it can also include video conversions and data entry services.

Our goal is provide a seamless and hassle free replacement and to provide our customers with a better and future save solution.

The timeframe for conversions is depending on the quality and quantity of the documents, data, and other files from the current application. We have created tools and provide the necessary manpower to minimize the effort.

We are creating a flat rate and time frame for the conversion. The conversion will also be part of the project plan, so the progress and succes can be tracked at any time.

PROVOX will provide the customer with different customization services.

This will include document templates, workflows, data, and application specific services.

PROVOX will for instance adapt the existing web layout for the Internet Information Portal, so the users will get a similar layout and navigation. They will find information in an easy-to-use, secure, and always up-to-date layout.

Customer specific development will not be required, so future software updates can be installed in less than an hour.

The configuration (and not customer specific development) will also guarantee the best possible support, because all customers are using the same source code.