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Agenda Items / Reports

Agenda Items / Staff Reports can be created and managed within the user-friendly Agenda Item Module.

Intuitive Agenda Item/Report creation

An unlimited number of users will have the ability to create, edit and manage their items directly in Agenda.NET. The application will provide the users with all necessary features and functions, customer specific templates and default security settings, so only authorized users will have the ability to edit and see the items/reports.

Documents (Backgrounds, Recommendations, and the Agenda Item / Staff Report) will be created in Microsoft Word (or other text editor) by using the existing document templates. Those templates will minimize the creation effort and guarantee a unified layout throughout different departments.

Users will have all Microsoft Word functions and features available (e.g. Copy & Paste, Tables, Auto Text, Spell Checker, Track Changes, etc.).

Documents can be emailed, printed, and/or saved in different formats. They can be exported (with meta data) for the integration with any existing Document Management System or into our own Document Management System.

Field descriptions, notifications, and labels can be customized (by using PV-Loco), so users will find familiar fields.

Agenda Items / Staff Reports can be integrated in multiple pre-configured or individual pre-meeting and post-meeting electronic workflows.

Users will have at any time the ability to see the status of items, where they are in the workflow process, and all responses and actions.

Items and Reports can be published on multiple meetings and for different meeting bodies, by using the flexible meeting workflow in the application.

Items and Reports can be created by using a copy of an existing item. This will minimize the creation effort.

Each item / report can have numerous attachments of any format and size. Items and attachments can be marked as confidential and will only be available for authorized users.