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Audio- and Video-Streaming


PROVOX is offering different option for Audio- and Video-Streaming integration.

You can use standard (free) solutions like YouTube and Vimeo, or use our innovative Audio- and Video-Streaming. It is also possible to integrate other 3rd party solutions and streams from local TV stations or other providers.

Audio- and Video-Files can be linked to meetings and agenda items, so users can watch the whole meeting or individual agenda items.

Our solution will provide you with an encoder, the player page, and all necessary streaming and hosting services. We offer live and OnDemand Audio and/or Video Streaming. The webcast can be used in standard browser and mobile devices.

We can offer SD, HD, Close Captioning and other related services.

The fees are based on your population and usually not on the number of meetings or the length of meetings. This makes it easy to calculate the budget number.

The Audio and Video-Player will be integrated into our Internet Information Portal, so users will find all meeting related information in one place.