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Agenda Creation

One Click Agenda Creation and Meeting Preparation

– Effizient and Transparent Meeting Management
One Click Agenda Creation

Agenda.NET is offering an innovative Agenda and Meeting Management.

Authorized users will have the ability to create agendas, agenda packets, and other relevant documents with simple mouse clicks.

The application will integrate the meeting specific Order of Business / Agenda Outline, Standard Topics (e.g. Call to Order, Approval of Agenda, Citizen Comments, etc.) and all signed agenda item/staff reports.

The order of items can be changed via drag & drop. It will also be possible to remove and add items. Last-minute and late items, placeholders, and items without any background information (e.g. Presentations and Awards) can be added to an existing agenda as well.

Agendas, Public Notifications, and Agenda Packets can also be created with simple mouse clicks.

Agenda.NET will create an ADA/AODA compliant PDF document and will integrate the agendas, agenda items, attachments and a Table of Contents with links to each item and attachment.

The packets and other meeting information and documents can be automatically uploaded into the Internet Information Portal. Manual updates and conversions will not be required.

It will also be possible to add supporting information to meetings. This can be done before and after meetings.

Users can send notifications to members and other users, when packets and meeting information are available online.