PROVOX works hand in hand with technology partners to develop and sell the most innovative and flexible software solutions.

PROVOX has a praxis proven and well established sales and support concept, to support our customers and partners.

Here are some of our great partnerships:


PROVOX has been a Microsoft certified partner since 1995 and Gold Certified Partner since 2004.

We use for our product development the most innovative Microsoft.NET technology.

Agenda.NET is one of the key applications in the Microsoft CSP Project (Citizen Service Platform)

Plano, Texas

Swagit Productions, LLC is a leading video production company specializing in providing streaming media solutions to television stations, newspapers, magazines and government.

Swagit is the only company that does all your video capturing, editing and processing for you, offering a true "hands-free" solution.

DELL Computers

Municipalities (Cities and Counties) in 34 states can now purchase Agenda.NET without a RFP or BID Process via the existing state contracts. PROVOX has already implemented the application in several project with DELL Computers in the USA.


PROVOX has signed a strategic partnership with SHI. Municipalities in all states of the USA can now purchase Agenda.NET via the existing state contracts.

DATANET Imaging Inc.

Since the incorporation of DATANET in 1996, they continue to be a solutions provider of world-class software. One of the DATANET real strengths lies in our ability to deploy, train and support their products. Through their US and Canadian offices, they currently support over 60 customer installations, including municipal government, financial, insurance and private industry.

Docubase, Florida

Docubase is one of our partners for Archiving and Document Management. Docubase offers cloud solutions for municipalities, health, and education.


PC-Ware is one of the biggest reseller for Microsoft products and software solutions in Europe

L & L Computer

L & L, Germany is a innovative and flexible company for individual hardware solutions and development. L&L has many huge customers around the world.

Healy Hudson

Healy Hudson is one of the market leaders in E-Procurement worldwide

Disserto GmbH, Germany

Disserto is a Microsoft Partner and has developed software solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint Server

B.I.T. Bremerhaven, Germany

B.I.T. Bremerhaven is the data center for the City of Bremerhaven and numerous cities in the north of Germany. B.I.T. and PROVOX developed the ASP.NET Internet Module for Agenda.NET.

B.I.T. Bremerhaven is our data center for our "Software as a Service" customers in Europe.

PaperWise Inc., Missouri

PaperWise and PROVOX have been business partners since 2006. We sell the PaperWise Document Management Software exclusively in Europe and for local government in the U.S.

Mindwerk, Germany

Mindwerk is one of the market leaders for "Content Management Software" in Europe. PROVOX has developed an integration to the existing software "CityWerk," a CMS solution for cities and counties.

Softplan Solutions, Germany

Softplan is one of the market leaders for modern "Geographical Information Systems" (GIS) in Europe. PROVOX and Softplan have developed an integration of graphical information in Agenda.NET.

KDS Goettingen, Germany

KDS Goettingen is a huge data center in the middle of Germany, with 34 cities and counties.

ITK Rheinland, Germany

ITK Rheinland is a huge data center in the west of Germany. Their customers are the City of Duesseldorf, City of Ratingen, City of Moenchengladbach, City of Neuss and much more.

ekom21, Germany

ekom21 is the data center for the state of Hessen,  with over 150 customers in Germany.

Infoma, Germany

Infoma is the market leader for accounting software in Germany.

Docs etc., Texas

Docs etc. is a solution partner for document management software in Texas. They sell Agenda.NET for local government and educational organizations.

IBT Corp., Louisiana

IBT is one of our certified support partners for Louisiana and Texas. They have experience with Agenda.NET since 2005.

IDI Corp., New Jersey

IDI has been a PROVOX partner since 2005.