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Agenda.NET is a flexible and easy to use solution for every kind of industries. We have experience in the Public Sector, Education, Health and in different Organizations.

One of our newest customers are the North Texas Tollway Authority in Plano, Texas. The NTTA is a political subdivision of the State of Texas under Chapter 366 of the Transportation Code.

This projects can show you, how flexible Agenda.NET™ is and how you can adapt your customized structures and needs in a standard application.

Agenda.NET™ can handle every size of organizations, municipalities and other customers. 

The installation can be on a server in your organization and/or data center (as a "Software as a Service (SaaS)" solution) in a secure data center.

The clients will get the access to the application by using the Microsoft.NET Framework (Microsoft's "ClickOnce" technology). The menus and information are dynamic and based on the user rights in Agenda.NET™.

We provide a complete integration of Microsoft Office (also in a mixed environment of different versions) and numerous interfaces to other software prdoucts.

Our unlimited users license model allows you to expand the software in an easy and budget friendly way.

We are more than happy, to present the flexibility of Agenda.NET™ in a live presentation.