24 years of success and in house development

PROVOX has currently celebrated its 24. anniversary as the manufacturer and worldwide market leader in Agenda and Meeting Management.

PROVOX has continuously developed and supported the Agenda.NET application with its own and fully employed team. More than 950 customers are currently using Agenda.NET. PROVOX is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and the application is part of the Microsoft Citizen Service Platform (CSP) and other projects.

Agenda.NET can be easily installed on an existing Windows Server (2003 -2012), Virtual Server, Terminal Server, or can be used as a hosted solution. The application can also be integrated with Electronic Voting, Audio- and Video-Streaming, Item Tracker, GIS, Document Management, and can be used as an Offline Module as well.

It comes with an unique, fully developed, and out-of-the-Box Internet Information Portal.

PROVOX is currently preparing Version 6.0 and has recently signed contracts with the Ramsey County, Butler County, Butts County, Steele County, and other large new customers.

The application can be purchased directly from PROVOX or via existing State Contracts.

PROVOX is a US company and has never been sold to other companies (as many other Agenda Management Solutions in the USA), restructured, or outsourced any development or support.

Region of Peel went live with Agenda.NET in less than four months

The Region of Peel, Canada is another good example how easy Agenda.NET can be implemented in large organizations.

The Peel Region has awarded PROVOX after a RFP process and a test installation of two Agenda and Meeting Management solutions. The Region has selected Agenda.NET, because of the flexibility, easy configuration, and easy-to-use end-user interface.

The installation and configuration was done in less than one (1) day. PowerUsers training was provided from PROVOX. PROVOX has provided additional training in a Train-the-Trainer concept.

The Peel Region is currently using the application for around about 600 users.

PROVOX announces that DATANET Imaging Systems is the latest addition to their marketing team

June 5, 2013 - (McKinney, Texas/Toronto, Ontario)

Markus Vogt, President PROVOX Systems and George Sparrow, Principal DATANET imaging systems have signed a Premium Partner Contract for Canada and Eastern USA.

DATANET will not only be an Authorized Sales Representative; they will also be an Implementation and Support Partner as well. The first projects started already. DATANET is a sales and service organization dedicated to providing the best possible products and solutions that meet the unique needs of its customers, DATANET is a single source for ECM, Remittance Processing, Cheque Imaging, Legislative Meeting Management and Digital Archive solutions.

About Agenda.NET:

The application is based and certified for Microsoft.NET and part of several Microsoft Projects. It is easy to install, flexible, customizable, and provides an intuitive and innovative Graphical User Interface. It has also integrated a secure and innovative Internet Information Portal, which allows customers to provide legislative information in a modern and easy-to-use environment for its public and meeting body members. It can be used on any mobile device (e.g. Apple iPad, iPhone, Android, Microsoft Surface, Amazon Kindle, Windows 8, Windows Mobile, etc.). Customers in Canada and the USA are able to implement the application in a timeframe from just a few weeks. Existing processes and data could be integrated into the application, so users found a familiar environment and an already prepared database.

Customers can streamline the whole legislative process, which helps to save money and personal resources from the first mouse click in the application. Most of PROVOX’s customers had a ROI in less than four (4) months.

About PROVOX Systems, Inc.:

PROVOX is the market leader in Agenda and Meeting Management with over 850 installations worldwide and with a history of more than 21 years in business. PROVOX is Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and currently in several Microsoft Projects in the Public Sector. The company is developing, selling and supporting the Agenda and Meeting Management Suite (Agenda.NET) with its own and fully employed support, sales, and development team. DATANET’s, customers, will be supported from PROVOX’s North America Headquarters in McKinney, Texas.

About DATANET Imaging Systems Inc.:

Since the incorporation of DATANET in 1996, they continue to be a solutions provider of world-class software. One of the DATANET real strengths lies in our ability to deploy, train and support their products. Through their US and Canadian offices, they currently support over 60 customer installations, including municipal government, financial, insurance and private industry.

Job Offer for a Technical Support Representative / Software Sales Representative

PROVOX is seeking a Technical Support/ Sales Representative to expand our successful Team.

This position performs a varity of tasks:

- Call Center Duties

- Achieve and maintain satisfactory customer relationships as well as with co-workers and supervisors

- Provide technical support and troubleshooting, email, webhosting, and more

- Use proper judgment to setup onsite service calls as needed

- Log and track calls, maintain historic records and related problem documentation; create service calls requests

- Update and maintain customer files with accurate email and physical addresses

- Prospects and generate leads within targeted territory

- Participates in networking

- Qualifities leads based on need, urgency, authority and budget readiness

- Identifies decision makers throughout targeted organizations

- Conducts discovery interviews to isolate "current and future needs" for proposals

- Creates account plans and strategies, and communicates to consulting personnel and President

- Develops and maintains adequate pipeline reporting with accurancy

- Drafts agreements clearly defining deliverables, timelines and pricing for review

- Provides customer feedback to improve company products and services

- Complete sales forecasts accurately and promptly

- Submits sales related paperwork completely and accurately, including personal timesheets

- Additional responsibilities and duties as assigned

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

- Strong computer skills, a minimum of two (2) years computer ezperience

- Excellent oral, written and iterpersonal communication skills

- Background should include previous work experience in customer service

- Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions

- Ability to maintain confidentiality

- Demonstrate success in sales and ideally experience in the local and state government sector

- Outgoing and charismatic personality

- Strong networking capabilities

- Self starter and self-driven with a high need to succeed

- Actively engaged in the business community

- Work prolonged hours when a natural disaster occurs

- Ability to travel for customer installations and trainings

All employees must be authorized to work in the United States.

PROVOX is a drug-free work environment.

Contact: Kathy Vogt @ kathy@provox-systems.com

Agenda.NET™ Version 5.07 is released

PROVOX released the latest version of Agenda.NET™ - the Agenda and Meeting Management Suite.

The new version has integrated open web services for the integration of Audio- and Video-Streaming Solutions, Document Management Systems, and Electronic Voting.

PROVOX has integrated additional functions for a paperless agenda management via Amazon Kindle Devices, Apple IPad’s, and other devices.

Agenda.NET™ is a complete solution for all legislative processes and will come with a database based Internet and Intranet Module. This module can adapt the existing web pages and will give our customers the ability to publish meetings, agendas, agenda packages, organizational data (boards, committees, commissions, and agencies), a full text retrieval in Agenda.NET™ documents and legacy data, Ordinances and Resolutions, Audio- and Video-Streaming integrations, an electronic forum, a personal and password protected welcome page for your councilors and other members, and much more.

The new version is cost free for customers with a maintenance agreement. PROVOX will update your server with no costs (estimated effort is less than 30 minutes).

Agenda.NET is released for Windows Server 2008 and Office 2010

PROVOX has tested and certified the new version of Agenda.NET for Windows Server 2008 (32 and 64 BIT) and Microsoft Office 2010 (32 BIT).

Due to our successfully partnership with Microsoft since 1995, we can now guarantee a mixed environment of different Microsoft Office Versions (2000 to 2010), installed on Windows Server 2000 to 2008 and used as On-Site installation or Hosted Solution.

Agenda.NET will support Virtual Environments and Terminal Servers as well.

Agenda.NET is developed under and certified for Microsoft.NET and will offer a fully featured Agenda Management Suite with a database based Internet and Intranet Module.

Dallas, July 2010

Innovative and paperless Agenda Management for the Otero County, New Mexico

Otero County, New Mexico chose the PROVOX Agenda.NET application after a large RFP process at the end of 2009. PROVOX emerged the leader in the industry with several US competitors. Shortly after the decision, PROVOX and Otero County defined a project plan to create the milestone.

The installation and configuration was finished in only half a day. After the speedy installation the PowerUser’s received training for the integration of all master data, foundation data and the integration of existing Word


Under the leadership of Pamela S. Heltner, Commissioners Liasion, the whole process was finished right on time. After the integration of the customized document templates and the definition of the security structure, PROVOX and Otero started the end-user training. For each group, the training was held in the County Commissioners Chambers (3 hours per group). After that both partners started a four week test phase. The test phase was closed out with a workshop, where users have the chance to ask questions and to take a closer look at some functionality in Agenda.NET.

In coordination with Pamela S. Heltner, PROVOX finalized the customization of the new Internet/Intranet module.

Otero County is using nearly the complete functionality of Agenda.NET, including the electronic reviewing and approval processes, the paperless agenda management, Ordinances and Resolutions, the database based Internet/Intranetmodule and the communication with the commissioners and other members via text messages and/or e-mail.


PROVOX successful with GRAB Campaigns in partnership with Microsoft

As a long term Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and in successful partnership with Microsoft for the projects “Our Municipality” and “Citizen Service Platform (CSP)”, Microsoft has run three huge Grab Campaigns for PROVOX in Florida, Texas, and California.


Microsoft created great opportunities, which now support PROVOX. Because of this special sponsorship, PROVOX is able to extend special pricing to new customers in February and March 2010.


Many projects have been started this year and will be completed shortly. With the flexibility of Agenda.NET and the experience from over 650 successfully completed projects worldwide, PROVOX is able to complete projects in a four to eight week time frame, depending on the size and requirements of the new customer.


The Capital City of Duesseldorf, is PROVOX's biggest installation customer of an Agenda Management System worldwide. The Capital City of Duesseldorf is using the  installed the Agenda.NET application for over 1,600 users and creates around 15,000 agenda items, and manage 350 meetings each year. The Capital City of Duesseldorf has been a satisfied PROVOX customer since 1998.

Microsoft and PROVOX will start new GRAB Campaings in additional states this year.


City of Joshua, TX goes live with new Paperless Agenda Management

The City of Joshua, Texas is a fast growing and innovative City in the Southern border of Fort Worth.


After a demonstration in September 2009, the City Secretary Mary Beth Thomas received a test installation from Agenda.NET. After testing the application for a month, City Secretary Mary Beth Thomas signed a contract in October 2009. After the installation in November 2009, PROVOX provided her with training and customized the application for the special needs and requirements of the City of Joshua.  The existing web pages of the City of Joshua were updated within a day.


From December 2009 to January 2010, the City used the application manually, to test the existing functionality and the handling in the Agenda.NET application. After the first concurrent run, the City decided to set Agenda.NET live.


Since February 12, 2010, the City of Joshua has gone paperless with Agenda.NET. All information is available in the modern, secure, and dynamic Internet module for Councilors, committee members and the public. Councilors have direct access to these pieces of information before, during, and after a meeting. The users are able to download a complete agenda packet, or create a personal package.

Agenda.NET with Audio- and Video-Streaming


PROVOX entered into a partnership with SwagIT, Texas. SwagIT, as one of the market leader in Audio- and Video-Streaming with numerous installations in the US, is a perfect and innovative partner for PROVOX.


With their well established, flexible and hands-free solution, SwagIT set new standards in this market segment.


The application is easy-to-use, flexible and fits the requirements and future needs of customers perfectly.


Agenda.NET will export the actual agenda directly into the SwagIT application. At the beginning of a meeting, the City Secretary/Clerk simply needs to click the start button and at the end of the meeting the stop button.


The video stream will then be automatically delivered to the SwagIT server, where it is cut into the different pieces. These pieces will be integrated into the web interface for the customers.


A unique feature is the storage of the individual streams in the Agenda.NET application.


Users will have the ability to watch the video streams of a meeting and/or each item in the Agenda.NET application. Another great feature is the storage of the video files in the Agenda.NET Internet/Intranet module, so users can access this information for individual agenda items, agendas and meetings. If an agenda item was discussed in several meetings, users will have the ability to watch all streams concerning that agenda item in one place.


PROVOX and SwagIT path new ways and set new standards by combining the modern Agenda Management and Audio- and Video-Streaming.


Worldwide User Conference 2009 in Germany


In November 2009, PROVOX invited all customers to the 15th worldwide user conference in Hanover, Germany.


More than one hundred customers attended this two days event. The main focus of the conference was not the software presentation, but the discussion with existing customers to collect input about the next versions and the requirements for the future. The first day, the PROVOX Team presented and discussed new special features of Agenda.NET in several workshops.


The second day, the development of the next version was discussed. Customers had the opportunity to vote for future features and integrations. They also had the opportunity to address improvements.


We are very honored, that so many customers attend this important event each year, and that the customers are continuously working with us to create even better and more innovative software.


The next worldwide user conference will be held in Duesseldorf, Germany in November 2010.


There will also be a conference for North American users in Dallas, Texas in October.


Agenda.NET is certified for Windows 7


PROVOX has been tested and is certified in Agenda.NET for the new Microsoft operation system Windows 7.  Agenda.NET is developed in Microsoft.NET and will use Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0 or higher. All data will be stored in the Microsoft SQLServer database and will be automatically uploaded in the database based Internet / Intranet module.


PROVOX has been tested in the latest version of Agenda.NET under Windows 7 in a 32- and 64-BIT environment. Manufactures must be tested for the installation and uninstallation along with the full functionality of all program features, integrations, and implementations. PROVOX has passed this test with accolades.


Agenda.NET is now available on Windows Server 2000-2008, Windows Clients with Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 and Office XP, 2000, 2003 and Office 2007. Agenda.NET will support Microsoft SQLServer 2000, 2005 and 2008.


All operating systems and Office versions can be used in a mixed environment.


PROVOX again Microsoft Gold Certified Partner


PROVOX has been a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1995 and Microsoft Gold Certified Partner since 2004.


Microsoft Partners must apply each year for the Microsoft Gold Certified Partnership and must have testified successful customer projects, a high customer satisfaction, certified products under the latest Microsoft Technology and an innovative development.


PROVOX is very proud to have received this certification 6 years in a row.


PROVOX is also a proud member of the Microsoft CSP-Project (Citizen Service Platform) and “OurMunicipality” (an European based project).


Dallas, September 15, 2009

Customize your Agenda.NET application with our new localization tool


PROVOX has developed a localization tool at the request of many customers and opportunities in the US market.


Using Agenda.NET, customers can easily and independently change: text, labels, menu entries, and messages.  Agenda.NET is a flexible application and can be altered to cater to the special terms of each customer.


This software can be as complex or as simple as the users prefer, and as inexperienced users become more comfortable with the software, additional applications can be applied.


To install future updates the administrator only needs to compile the changes with a single mouse click. This will immediately integrate the changes in the new versions of Agenda.NET.


Your green future will begin with our Paperless Agenda Management.


Modern and flexible Agenda Management for FREE


Agenda.NET has serviced more than 650 successful projects worldwide and has verified that our customers will have a Return of Investment (ROI) in less than 7 months.


Furthermore, each municipality that has adopted PROVOX Systems as their agenda management system has saved between 50% and 75% in financial and personal resources. With the Paperless Agenda Management, our customers will additionally reduce their paper usage by 80% a huge step towards making a “GREEN” city or community.


In the short term we have found that each customer’s ROI far outweighs the initial payment, simply put, our application will be a profitable investment from the first day.


By the end of the first year of use your city will have saved money and will continue to do so years to come.  Each customer must only pay a minimal service and maintenance fee after the licensing fee is paid.


With a ONE-TIME License Fee, our customers are safe reoccurring license renewal fees.


For more information give us a call under (972) 733-6810 or send us an e-mail under sales.


Invitation to a Webinar "Go Green! With our Paperless Agenda Management"


PROVOX has startet webinar's with the topic "Go Green! With our Paperless Agenda Management".


The webinar will cover:


- Go Paperless with Agenda.NET

- Creating of Agenda Items, Agendas and Minutes

- Customizing of the application for your special needs and requirements

- Flexible workflows for a reviewing and resoultion process

- How can I optimize exisiting processes and save each year 60% of time and money?


Weblink for registration


Dallas, March 16, 2009


PROVOX offers Microsoft Lincenses


PROVOX and Microsoft had signed a Royalty Agreement in January, 2009. With this agreement our customers will have the chance to order Microsoft Software with good conditions directly from PROVOX.


For new customers, we can bundle our Agenda Management and Document Management Software with licenses for Microsoft SQLServer and/or other Microsoft products.


Customer will have the full service from one vendor.


Dallas, March 16, 2009


NTTA Project finished in only 7 weeks


The NTTA has realized the project of establishing an agenda management solution in a record time of only 7 weeks.


After a Kick-Off Meeting and a Questions & Answer session on January 6, 2009, the project began with the installation on January 20,2009.


The installation was finished after 1 day. NTTA installed the PROVOX Agenda.NET application on a virtual machine, with an Active Directory and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 integration.


In the first step, PROVOX trained the Superuser for Agenda.NET in a Train-the-Trainer session. This training session was only one day. The following trainings for the user would be held from Katerine Learned (NTTA Agenda Manager) and Sheila Rawlins (NTTA Trainer).


A Workshop was held after a few days past the last training session for the users.


After a test phase the Agenda.NET application goes live and the project was signed off by the NTTA.


We appreciate the good work and help from Katherine Learned, Rudolf Lehmann (Projekt Coordinator), Sheila Rawlins and Shad Hill (Support).


Dallas, 3/10/2009


PROVOX in contract with NTTA


PROVOX is awarded a contract with the NTTA (North Texas Tollway Authority) after a competitive bid process.


PROVOX and Agenda.NET are incorporated into Microsoft's CSP-Project (Citizen Service Platform)


PROVOX and Microsoft, after many years of excellent cooperation, are taking another step together.


CSP (Microsoft's Citizen Service Platform) was inspired by the successful European project "Our Municipality - Experience the City of the Future" in which Agenda.NET is one of the key programs.


Like the previous project it involves the seamless free flow of information between various specialized software solutions.


Based on Microsoft standard technologies and programs, it becomes clear how significant costs and human resources can be saved for municipality or organization.


Moreover, more transparent information is available to citizens or customers.


PROVOX presented Agenda.NET and the project "Our Municipality - Experience the City of the Future" at WPC 2008 (Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston, Texas).


This project, initiated by Microsoft and 9 other partners (IBM, Intel, Infoma, Healy-Hudson, disserto, PC-Ware and PROVOX) is very successful in Europe and the Microsoft EMEA area.


The aim of the project is the seamless information sharing between different specialized software products.


Already the first implemented projects have shown a cost saving of over 60% in the first year.


It is not just about saving time and money, as well as human resources, but also providing the public with faster and more transparent information.


After the presentation at numerous trading fairs in Germany and Microsoft events in Barcelona and Cannes, PROVOX has now moved into the U.S.


Agenda.NET is one of the key modules, because many jobs in management use this program. Agenda.NET uses different information form other programs to decide the agenda items for the boards and committees.


Agenda.NET information (Agenda items, agendas, minutes, attachments, etc.) will be automatically uploaded into the internet module of the cities and/or organizations.


The integration of GIS (Geographical Information Systems), Microsoft SharePoint Workflow and Services and integrations of accounting software solutions, document management systems and e-procurement, are some results from this ambitious and successful project.


Agenda.NET is perfected by its open structure and the complete Microsoft.NET programming in the integration of foreign proceedings.


Agenda.NET is also available as a "Software as a Service" (SaaS) solution.


PROVOX releases the newest version (5.05) of Agenda.NET


Numerous new features have been integrated since the worldwide user conference in September 2008. This includes a revised version of the pre- and post-signing workflow at the request of our customers.


Another great feature is the integration of the Microsoft SharePoint Server for a complete workflow outside Agenda.NET. The result of this workflow will be automatically integrated into the Agenda.NET workflow.


Another function is an automatic dispatch of minutes excerpts via e-mail.


The integrated internet and intranet module is also available in a new version. Among other things, the personal websites of the elected representatives was expanded. With their user name and password, they will get their personal calendar, an electronic forum and an overview of upcoming meetings and new documents since their last visit.


They have also the opportunity to build and download their private meeting package with all attachments. Agenda.NET supports all kinds of attachments. The product can also integrate direct links to GIS software.


PROVOX opens U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas


PROVOX, in busiuness for over 15 years in Europe, and since 2007 a Springfield, Missouri based company, opens its new U.S. headquarters in Dallas, Texas.


From these two U.S. locations, numerous exisiting and new customers will be perfectly supported.


PROVOX is a world leader in the field of modern agenda management products and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.


PROVOX opens U.S. office in Springfield, Missouri


PROVOX, a German based software company, founded PROVOX Systems Inc. in the summer of 2007 in Delaware.


PROVOX Systems Inc. is a 100% U.S. company with office in Springfield, Missouri. The target markets are municipalities and other local/regional governemental organizations, education districts, healthcare facilities, churches and midsize to huge companies.


The key products are Agenda.NET (an agenda and meeting management software), DMS.NET (a document management product) and Migration & Replciation (automatically upload software for database based internet modules).


PROVOX is the market leader in modern agenda management software worldwide. More than 600 customers use software from PROVOX.