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To succeed in today's manufacturing industry, modern corporations must respond quickly to customer demands, while minimizing stock and operational costs. Maintaining a competitive edge means a company's information must be managed effectively at every stage of the manufacturing process.

Corporate data can be comprised of anything from CAD drawings to specifications and schedules, to invoices and production records. Finding a way to store all these various types of documents in a single repository is necessary for a manufacturing company to achieve its optimal level of efficiency.

PROVOX offers manufacturing companies large and small the opportunity to streamline all of their processes and configure a more effective way of doing business. Turning all of your paperwork into electronic documents offers savings on storage and delivery costs. It quickens your response to customer service inquiries, and empowers your employees to exceed, just to name a few benefits.

Essentially, a document management system can help your organization to leverage its content as a tool to create new opportunities, increase profit, and generate greater savings and efficiencies. A PROVOX system is a catalyst to achieving optimized business processes.

Although we are not a fit for everyone, the PROVOX team of document management experts specializes in assessing and catering our product to meet the customer's needs. This scalable solution is designed to accommodate the needs of your organization as it grows. Implementation of DMS.NET provides a smooth transition, sure to provide enhancement to your current processes rather than overriding them. Using the modern capabilities of a technology like document management to your fullest advantage could be the differentiator you have been looking for.