Law firms invest their intellectual capital, research resources, and most valuable asset time to provide service to their clients. The results are usually in the form of documents. Managing, sharing, securing, distributing, and backing up all corporate data while not wasting precious time can be a major factor in a firm’s success.

Your organization can leverage its content to create new opportunities, swell profits, and generate greater savings and efficiencies with a PROVOX document management system. For many of our legal clients, investment in document management has become a catalyst to achieving optimized business processes.

No time is ever wasted searching for documents for firms using DMS.NET. Our user-friendly interface allows fast and easy search and retrieval of all documents, so resources don’t have to be wasted on storage and courier costs previously necessary to locate archived documents. And with the reliability of electronic versions, no documents are ever lost. Using front-end scanning processes, documents are scanned quickly and easily, the first time they are handled. Images of documents are immediately available in the PaperWise system, while documents electronically routed are stored in their original file format.

By implementing DMS.NET, firms overcome their corporate filing problems and eliminate document access costs. The system not only helps law firms to solve their paper-based office inefficiencies, this system can help managers and users configure a more effective set of business processes. DMS.NET lets you build custom workflows so documents will be routed quickly and accurately through each step of your business process.

Using the capabilities of document management, you can create custom indexes that allow any piece of knowledge to be searchable. So you can search for documents by any criteria, including custom fields you define. You can also instantly find documents containing specific information using our full-text Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine. Advanced search options allow you to retrieve documents based on any combination of keywords, wildcards, or ranges. DMS.NET integrates tightly with any legal management system to increase document indexing accuracy and eliminate dual data entry.