According to the Institute of Medicine, some 100,000 people die every year because of information errors or a lack of data.

In today’s healthcare industry, managing information in a timely manner is more important than ever. Whether organizing medical records, insurance information or pharmaceutical data, healthcare professionals need information quickly and efficiently. Wasted time not only translates to lost money and resources. Patients and clients lives may rest on the access of information.

Medical records are an extremely valuable resource, but are only valid if correctly recorded and easily accessed.

Effective records management ensures information is accurate and available.

DMS.NET helps healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical sales companies to quickly and easily assemble documents from other files in the database. The PROVOX document management system can handle your entire complex of data. The system provides system-wide access from anywhere, whether in a hospital or a private clinic. And all of this takes place under tight, fully-HIPAA compliant security.

PROVOX offers solutions for departments and offices across the institution from physician billing to patient records, materials management and accounting.

DMS.NET integrates with any current management system you may have to accommodate and optimize your current processes, rather than overriding them.

Many healthcare organizations have found that a document management solution for patient records often reduces administrative staff costs by 25 percent in the first year, and by up to 75 percent in three to five years.