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Hospitals and other organizations have the same problems, than cities and counties administrations.

They will have more and more meetings every year. The meeting packages includes more and more paper and necessary information. This will cost you more money and personal ressources every year.

Agenda.NET™ supports you with a paperless and easy-to-use agenda and meeting management software.

Our praxis proven solution allows you, to integrate your exisiting organizational structures and customer needs in a few hours.

The dynamic and breakdown user interfaces helps your user to get the right information into seconds.

Transparent and electronical workflows can help you to share information with other users in a modern and save way.

A database based Internet and Intranet module will help you to publish necessary information in an innovative way.

Agenda.NET™ has been integrated Microsoft Office (we gurantee a mixed environment of different versions) and other existing software solutions.

We are more than happy, to present the flexibility of Agenda.NET™ in a live presentation.