Q: What is the technical background from Agenda.NET?

A: Agenda.NET has been developed for the Microsoft.NET platform and is certified for Microsoft.NET. PROVOX uses C# for the development. With Microsoft.NET it is easy to install Agenda.NET in the existing environment.

Q: Do I need an installation on every client?

A: No. The Agenda.NET application will be installed on an existing Windows Server, Terminal Server or Virtual Machine. The database (Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL) can be on the same server or on a separate database server. We use the existing Microsoft.NET Framework to communicate with the server. Updates only need to be installed on the server; each workstation gets the actual version when they open the application by clicking on the Agenda.NET icon.

Q: Do I have a remote access to the application from desktops outside my network?

A: Yes. Agenda.NET allows you to communicate with the Agenda.Server via VPN and/or Terminal Server. We also provide our software as a "Software as a Service (SaaS)" solution. As a SaaS solution, you don't need to install the software on your server. Your will get access to your private and secure workspace via VPN and/or Terminal Server connection.

Q: Do you offer client based licenses?

A: No. Our license fee is based on the population of a city or community or on the size of an organization. The license includes unlimited users and our Internet Information Portal in a standard layout is included in the standard price. We can adapt the exisiting Internet layout in a few hours.

Q: Can we use our user rights from the exisiting Active Directory?

A: Yes. We have an integration of the user from the Active Driectory. With this we can support a single sign-on in Agenda.NET. You can add additional users in Agenda.NET. The user rights and groups are managed in Agenda.NET in a very user-frendly environment.

Q: Does it upload the Internet information automatically?

A: Yes. We have integrated a migration and replication tool in our application. This piece of software is running as as service on your server machine and will upload new or modified information in a user defined time frame. The tool can also convert the database format from the production system to the internet database format (i.e. from MS-SQLServer format into a internet MySQL format).

Q: Do you offer a maintenance agreement?

A: Yes. Our standard maintenance agreement guarentees you free unlimited hotline support, free product updates and  access to our remote support interface. The maintenance agreement is based on the one-time license fee and will renewed and updated by the size of the community every 3 years.

Q: Can we affect the future product development?

A: Yes. We have very large group of domestic and international users. These users have the opportunity to improve Agenda.NET by recommending new features and streamlining processes.