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With all corporate information immediately accessible, factoring companies can deliver value to customers through rapid response times.

The invoicing process is quickly and easily completed with a document management system. By receiving documents electronically, factoring companies can eliminate paper costs. Rather than receiving invoices through overworked fax machines, documents are routed directly into a user’s DMS.NET inbox.

Fax server integration prevents documents from ever needing to be physically printed or filed. Customer service representatives can immediately access electronically archived documents so time is not wasted searching through file cabinets.

Without ongoing costs for printing and filing incoming documents, and maintaining fax machines, factoring companies have more capital available to direct toward organizational growth.

Document management from PROVOX equips factoring companies with the tools needed to accomplish more work in less time and without hiring additional staff.

Companies that replace outdated and inefficient processes begin to realize their true potential for success.

Factoring companies, like Allied Capital. can use document management tools to double their volume. Increases in efficiency allow companies to seize new opportunities and expand profit margins.