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The widespread initiative of colleges and universities today is to achieve growth and development through increasing enrollment and further developing programs of study. With growing masses of paperwork and data necessary to support this set of goals, effectively managing it is becoming increasingly more difficult. From Financial Aid, to Records and Registration, to the Office of the Bursar, the need for a knowledge management program spans across the institution.

A PROVOX document management system can help your organization leverage its content to create new opportunities, swell profits, and generate greater savings and efficiencies for your firm. For many of our legal clients, investment in a document management system has become a catalyst to achieving optimized business processes.

With increased regulatory and financial challenges, every graduating class and wave of incoming freshman bring in more challenges to already over-burdened processes. DMS.NET integrates with the current student record management system and attaches the appropriate student data to all of their documents. Documents are stored in the easy-to-search system as permanent, non-modifiable versions so when their information is needed, the touch of a single hotkey will return all documents pertaining to the last name, social security number, date of birth, or student ID that was entered. Search criteria are also completely flexible and customizable.

Unlike conventional paper or network folder filing systems, with DMS.NET, no documents will ever be lost or compromised. Searching desktops for in-process paperwork or for a document that was filed incorrectly can be eliminated altogether.

Whatever office or workflow inefficiency is hindering your institution from reaching its scholastic or financial goals DMS.NET has a way to optimize processes to help departments across the university to achieve dramatic gains in efficiency.

DMS.NET offers educational institutions large and small the opportunity to streamline all of their processes and configure a more effective way of conducting their daily processes.

Turning all of paperwork into electronic documents offers savings on storage and delivery costs. Beginning to go paperless will quicken your response to any inquiry, empowering every associate across the university to succeed.

Although we are not a fit for everyone, the PaperWise team of document management experts specializes in assessing and catering our product to meet the customer's needs. This scalable solution is designed to accommodate the needs of your organization as it grows.

Implementation of DMS.NET provides a smooth transition, sure to provide enhancement to your current processes rather than overriding them.