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PROVOX Systems Inc.

8951 Synergy Drive, Ste. 223

McKinney, Texas 75070


Phone: 1 (972) 547-0504

Fax:     1 (972) 215 7656

URL: www.provox-systems.com

Email: sales@provox-systems.com

PROVOX is founded in 1995.

We develop our software in partnership with our customers and partners (i.e. Microsoft) to offer the best and most innovative software for our customers worldwide.

PROVOX Canada Office

2285 Lakeshore Blvd.

Toronto, ON M8V 3X9


Phone: 1 844-PROVOX

Or:       1 844-477-6869

URL: www.provox-systems.com

Email: sales@provox-systems.com

PROVOX Florida Office

3 Cypress Drive

Palm Harbor, Florida 34684


Fax:     1 (972) 215 7656

URL: www.provox-systems.com

Email: sales@provox-systems.com

Our Team

With over 26 years of experience in a constantly changing market PROVOX has acquired over 950 projects worldwide, and has built a highly motivated, well experienced, and highly intellectual team of sales people, software developers and support members.

The unique combination of advanced technical knowledge and experienced staff members from several different municipalities has formed an effective and dynamic team. 

We manage our projects with a full staff of experienced team members who have handled over one hundred projects worldwide. We have a totally diversified client base from small customers with minimal users, up to customers with over 1,600 users.


From the initial launch of PROVOX systems, our development team has strived to be the best and most well established Agenda Management application worldwide. 

In 1991 PROVOX released its first product, using SuperNova, and re-developed the software in a huge project under MS-Access in 1995. After a 1-year experience with JAVA, we started the re-development of our software in Microsoft.NET format and began using it exclusively in 2003. PROVOX was one of the first companies to develop professional applications under Microsoft.NET. 

The combination of our original developers, (15 years of knowledge and experience with Agenda.NET™) and new developers with fresh innovative ideas makes our team unique in this fast changing market.


Our support team consists of a highly effective combination of developers, project leaders, and formerly City and County clerks and secretaries. This diversity in our staff will assure our customers an immediate solution to any issues they encounter.

Our training and implementation team will work hand in hand with you to ensure your success and future

growth with our applications.

With the knowledge attained in over 950 projects our diversified and dynamic support team will quickly and effectively provide a solution to any problem our clients encounter, whether the issue is with the application or with organizational project management.

Sales and Management Team

Markus Vogt, the creator and owner of PROVOX Systems began his career in agenda management as a City Clerk in a midsized city in Germany.  He is a highly motivated and effective team leader.

Based on his originally developed Agenda Management application, he has established a very successful, innovative, and flexible company with Offices across Germany and the US.

The highly trained and well experienced Sales and Management Team will help control each project from beginning to end.

Starting with a customers first demonstration and continuing on through years of partnership, our daily goal is to make our clients happy so to ensure a long and successful partnership.

PROVOX has a long list of customers who have enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with our company since 1995, and we are determined to grow this list everyday.

Our customers will be integrated in any and all of our future development Your needs and wishes are our duty!

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