PROVOX and PaperWise Inc. has had a great partnership since the end of 2007. We have an executive agreement to sell the PaperWise document management software under the name of DMS.NET in Europe.

PROVOX also sell the product in the american market for different industries (i.e. Public Sector, Education and Organizations).

The PaperWise document management system is no new trend in document management technology. PaperWise software has been in the document management industry since 1988, beginning with big players like Disney and GE.

The in-house development team has been working on the current product for more than six years. Recently, we released Version 6.1 of the PaperWise Suite, which added upgrades for custom workflow capabilities and customizable toolbars, among many other new features.

The document management suite features several powerful applications that comprise the complete solution. Each application is carefully designed to accomplish your special tasks. From search and retrieval to scanning and indexing, the software leaves no graps to fill in functionality, stability, or usability.