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Agenda.NET™ is designed and developed for local and state government markets.

It has been well established in the Public Sector since 1994 and is the market leader in this sector worldwide.

Most of our customers are in the range between 5,000 and 1 Million citizens.

Our license model is based on the population of a city or community and has integrated unlimited users.

You can start with one client and expand the installation to unlimited clients in your environment.

Agenda.NET™ supports the users to prepare the agenda items, agendas, invitations, minutes and other important information, with an easy-to-use user interface, a dynamic menu structure and several assistants.

The users will only get the menu icons, that they need for their work.

A flexible and individual workflow supports the users by their pre- and post-signing processes and gurantees a transparent and fast workflow.

Other modules are Foundation and Municipal Data, Accounting, Meeting Management and System Configuration.

You can add and manage numerous boards, committees and commissions and their elected representatives and other important person in Agenda.NET. To each elected representative, the users can add memberships, chronologies and private information (i.e. Awards, private and business addresses and communication information, images and digital signiturs, and much more).

With the very fast integration, short training phases and easy-to-use handling, you will have a "Return on Investment" (ROI) in less than 4 months.

Elected representatives and your citizen get access to selected information via the internet and/or intranet module. You only need to add a link to the Agenda.NET™ website on your exisiting internet presentation.

The displayed information will be based on user rights and roles, the system administrator has been managed in the system configuration in Agenda.NET™.

Elected representatives will have a private desktop, with an access to their private calendar, agenda items, agendas, invitations, minutes and ordninances. They also have a virtual decission forum and full text retrieval in Agenda.NET™ and archivied documents.

They can prepare their private meeting package or download the prepared package. All attachments are normally integrated in the meeting package.

This functionality and other featues guarentees a "Paperless Agenda and Meeting Management".

With the integration of the existing Active Directory, Agenda.NET has a single sign-on.

Agenda.NET and PROVOX are parts of the Microsoft Public Sector projects "CSP" (Citizen Service Platform) and "Our Municipality - Experience the City of the Future".