Agenda.NET provides easy integration to different software products.

GIS (Graphical Information Systems)

Agenda.NET provides the integration of live links to different GIS software solutions. The XML information will be added as an attachment to the agenda items and/or agendas and meetings.

The user will get directly in the necessary area in the GIS software. They have a 3-D view and other important information per click available. They also can get more information which is not included into the agenda item.

This functionality is also in the internet and intranet module available.

 Accounting Software

Agenda.NET™ has integrated different accounting software (i.e. SAP, Infoma, MPS, H&H). In Agenda.NET™ calculated compensation can be automatically transfered into the existing accounting software.

In some cases the users can get direct access to budget information for their agenda items.

Microsoft Office and Outlook

PROVOX provides a complete integration of the exisiting Microsoft Office and Outlook environment. Users will type in the text in the familiar MS Word software. They can use nearly all features of Word to create the text for the agenda items, agendas, invitations, frontsheets and minutes.

PROVOX provides a mixed environment of different Word versions.

The completed documents will be merged in Agenda.NET™, based on the existing Word templates.

All documents will be stored with the records in the database.

Users and elected representatives can add the meeting information with one mouse click to their private calendar.

The Microsoft Outlook integration will also be used for a paperless agenda management system. Agenda.NET™ will send an invitation and/or complete meeting package to the elected representatives and other meeting participants by using the existing Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server installation.

Users can also send direct mails and text messages from Agenda.NET™. The Outlook Integration will be also used for electonical minutes excerpts. They can send data to the involved departments via mail.

Microsoft SharePoint

PROVOX and disserto provide a Microsoft SharePoint integration for a workflow outside of Agenda.NET™. A Workflow can be initiated in Agenda.NET™, run into the SharePoint service and the result will be stored in Agenda.NET. Users (i.e. Department Directors and other people outside the network) are so involved in a paperless workflow.

The users outside Agenda.NET™ can sign or comment on the activities in the SharePoint web interface.

Document Management Software

Agenda.NET™ has integrated interfaces with the most common Document Management products. Agenda items, agendas, invitations, minutes and attachments can archivied in the Document Management software after the workflow is finished in Agenda.NET™.

With only one mouse click, the items are researchable in Agenda.NET™ and the exisiting Document Management Software.

PROVOX also offers a well established Document Management Software.

Audio and Video Streaming Software

PROVOX offers an integration of different Audio and Video Streaming Software soultions. The users can add audio and/or video files to each topic on the agenda. The users can open the items by clicking on the topic.

PROVOX can also offer its own Audio- and Video-Streaming in different options. This will include Hands Free Audio- and Video-Streaming, Time Stamping in Agenda.NET, Broadcasting, Integration of existing audio and video files and time stamping within Agenda.NET, Integration of External (and not meeting related) content, and much more.

Electronic Voting

Agenda.NET™ has integrated an electronic voting with wireless voting devices or existing solutions.