Many government services are supplied at the local level. Your constituents expect a rapid response to their needs, and many of them want to conduct government business using the internet. Unfortunately, limited funding and technology have for years hindered efforts to move citizen service online.

A practical and effective response to these challenges is to transform the way you do business through incremental steps that utilize existing investments - and, at the same time, provide a foundation for growth as new needs and initiatives arise.

The Microsoft Citizen Service Platform meets both objectives, helping your organization build and deploy modern solutions that are based on the familiar Microsoft products you use every day. The platform includes "building block" templates designed to meet a variety of government needs.

You can save time and money with the Citizen Service Platform and the integrated software solutions in many ways:

- Minimize training costs by utilizing familiar Microsoft products.

- Build on your exisiting investments in Microsoft technologies.

- Take advantage of an open and scalable platform.

- Leverage the work of other government organizations around the world.

PROVOX is proud that Agenda.NET is one of the solutions in this innovative and unique platform.

Agenda.NET™ provides numerous integrations of other products (i.e. Georgraphical Information Systems (GIS), Accounting Software, E-Procurement, SharePoint Services, and much more).