Agenda.NET™ has an integrated database-based internet and intranet module. This module runs with a Microsoft SQLServer and/or MySQL.

Selected and released information will be automatically uploaded on your website.

The existing layout of your website can be adapted in a few hours, so the vistors will have the same look and feel when using the Agenda.NET™ internet module.

The Agenda.NET internet module includes:

Municipal or organization data

Data about elected representatives

(i.e. Name, address, photo, contact information, memberships, chronologies)

Committees, Boards, Commissions

Dynamic meeting calendar

Agenda items, invitations, frontsheets, minutes, attachments

GIS integration

Fulltext retrieval in actual or archived documents



and much more...

The Internet module can be installed on your existing webserver or on an internet sever in our secure data center.

The menus and most of the displayed information based on the security settings in Agenda.NET™.

You only need to change the security setting for all users or seperate groups of user, to remove a menu icon or some detail information. With this feature, it is easy to give different users different information.

The security settings only need to be defined in Agenda.NET™ and will automatically be applied to the internet module.

Elected representatives can change their password directly in the secure internet module.